About Us

Duvar Bookstore was established in 1989 as a street bookstore exhibiting books on a "wall" in Kemeraltı/İzmir, and then moved to its present store in Veysel dead-end street. Next to the store, a "wall", which gave the publishing company to its name, has still been using to exhibit books.

By the readers, its ambiance which is mainly formed by an atrium is highly appreciated. Next to the bookstore, there is also a bouquiniste which has broad collection of rare and antique books.
Thus, considering its sustainability and characteristics, these are awarded by Hurriyet Newspaper and then Duvar Bookstore was chosen as the one of the top ten bookstores in Turkey in 2004.

In 2005, Duvar Bookstore has formed the publishing department. In 2006, "Türkiye Büyülü Hapishanem" By Yalçın Küçük was published. Then, in 2007 "Erguvaniler: Türkiyede İktidar Doğanlar" by Tayfun Er and "Sosyo-Tarihsel Teorinin 'Sınıf'la İmtihanı", the co-work of Vefa Saygın Öğütle and Güney Çeğin were published .


Duvar Book Store
853 Sok No:13 P:10 Özyurtsever İşhanı
Veysel Çıkmazı / Konak İZMİR - TURKEY
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Fax: +90.232. 484 88 68

Duvar Publishing
853 Sok No:13 P:9 Özyurtsever İşhanı
Veysel Çıkmazı / Konak İZMİR - TURKEY
Phone-Fax: +90.232. 484 88 68